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Time Clock

Time Clock

This is a simple time clock service. You can create a user account and log in from various devices, and then punch in and out from jobs, read and update your work shifts from any logged in device. Just use browser refresh to pull in latest edits from the server.

The password shall be at least 6 characters long, and should be hard to guess — so a m1X 0f small letter5, CaP1tal5 and num8ers are recommended. But make sure you don't forget your password. There is no way to get a new password if you forget it, and there is no way to contact any support. (This service doesn't come with 2FA.)

You need to log in to your account at least once every 6 months, otherwise the account gets deleted. Shift times are kept for three months, so copy-paste to own archive if you need older than that.

This service is provided on a voluntary basis without any guarantees whatsoever.